Speak your truth! There is only one way to live your life and that is honestly. And by this I don’t just mean stop with the lying and withholding of truth from others, but more importantly be true to yourself. Walk your path you were destined to walk. Be the authentic person you are without withholding parts of yourself. Be courageous and set aside fear.

Fear is just the plaque that restricts the flow of life force energy into your etheric heart. When we are fearful we diminish ourselves and our power. We suppress our ability to hear Spirit and to live as an open channel of love.

Life never ceases to amaze me with all of its lessons.

I, like so many others, have been fearful of being wholeheartedly open and communicative of my thoughts and desires. So afraid have I been, all these long years, of the consequences of expressing my needs, that I have held them under tight wraps. The result undoubtedly has been great internal angst. And let’s not for a minute forget the ripples that my withholding has caused around me.

TRUTH 6All my stored inner desires have just propagated suspicion, fear and uncertainty in others, the ones I have dutifully been trying to protect from my perceived ‘selfishness’. How absurd that I would have chosen to deny myself my inner calling.

I suppressed my truth for so long that I became complacent in my self-denial. The longer you live with anything or anyone the more reluctant you become to stir things up by looking within. Complacency breeds a certain familiarity which feels safe. We become so used to lying to ourselves that we don’t even know we are doing it. Well, I didn’t know it was my pattern until a couple of years ago. I didn’t know that I had feelings, because I had become so skilled at sneakily stowing them away. I was so very good at wearing the big, brave girl mask, the courageous woman who was above feelings of anger, resentment and fear. I lived in denial of the fact that I could or would express or even admit feeling any of those emotions that I labelled bad or dark.

What I now know is that my darkness is equally part of who I am and it is that which makes me a person of substance and depth.

When we lie to ourselves we constantly have to bargain and reassure ourselves of our self-worth. We doubt our magnificence and deem ourselves unworthy. By hiding our truth we allow our egos to play manipulative games with us. We feel less than adequate and wrestle with feelings of selfishness, neediness and so on.

When you step out of the shadows and face your magnificence you realise that there is no wrong in being unashamedly who you are. There is no cruelty towards others in communicating your desires and needs. Yes, the initial pain it causes is short lived, but the pain of lies endures forever. You and I are entitled to our happiness. We are entitled to our freedom and we are entitled to the peace that pervades us when we speak our truth.

It is so liberating letting go of the mask, the pretences and the masquerade that needs constant feeding, consoling and assuring.

There is no greater freedom than honesty.

Take a moment today to honour yourself. Ask yourself TRUTH 13what your inner calling is. Ask yourself if you are living your truth. And if you are not, be courageous and speak up. Confess it to yourself first and then communicate it to others.

Have an awesome week!

I love you


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