Nicolette is available to speak on a diverse number of topics such as: How to live an Empowered Life, Compassion, Suffering, Fear, Anger, Hatred, Guilt and Shame, Facing your Fears, Recognising your Samenesses, Honesty, Partnerships and Intimacy, Power, Happiness, Faith, Emotions and Choices amongst others.

All Nicolette’s talks combine a variety of modalities – teaching, questioning, group interaction, meditation, singing, movement and questions and answers.

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Talks Offered by Nicolette

Three Keys to Forgiveness

Based on her book, FORGIVENESS – your gift of love to yourself, Nicolette shares from the heart three most empowering keys to enable you to forgive. She shares from authentic, real life experiences that will encourage, inspire and change your life forever.

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What a beautiful evening. An honour to hear my friend speak. She spoke from OUR hearts, as does her book. It’s her heart and mine and yours and yours, an essence of words and love and wisdom created by Nicolette. Thank you Nicolette. “Forgiveness” will be a best seller! Bev Wium – Johannesburg SA

Who am I?

In this rather theatrical rendition, Nicolette takes us on a humorous journey to unravel the layers of conditioning we think we are but really aren’t. The talk is more of a play in which Nicolette literally strips off layer after layer of clothing to reveal her true nature. Audience participation, guided meditation and interactive exercises are all part of this talk.

Play the video below to view excerpts from this talk…

You are my INSPIRATION for creating the change in myself. I’ll never forget your ‘Who Am I’ workshop at Leafy Greens a couple of years ago. I absolutely loved it. You gave me an abundance of energy and enthusiasm to refocus and get moving in the right direction which was up, up and up. I’m thoroughly enjoying your book, just finished the chapter on Compassion and so far it’s brilliant. Love your authentic self, shining through. I can sense it’s going to be one of those books that I can read time and time again and take something new from it every time. Jennifer Ramsden – Johannesburg SA

Why I Care?

This talk broaches the subject of “I don’t care what you think” and why that ultimately hurts us. We address the issues of why we do actually care and why we have been searching for other’s approval. We are shown that like the beautiful Ubuntu philosophy proclaims “I am what I am because of who we all are.”

Thank you again for arranging the session. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was just up my alley. It also helped me to re-focus my thoughts and see where my energy is going. Nicolette in my opinion delivered her messages so naturally and she is very confident in her demeanor. Her messages just flowed in a very positive energetic way which made her easy to listen to and truly hear. She also came across as being very approachable. I loved it. Mogani Naidoo – Johannesburg SA

How Ego Prevents us from Living in the Now

In this talk, Nicolette explores what it takes to live a life of presence, rooted in the NOW. We are shown how we replay old memories from our pasts which cause us to miss out on every second of our never-to-be-repeated lives. We have become so accustomed to living in our minds rather than in the moment and we miss the simple pleasures and life just passes us by. This talk will enrich your life and heighten your experience going forward as you learn how to side step your ego and live a life of presence.

Thank you for a very special evening. When I recall my introduction to the group, I am haunted by that ego of the poor me, but maybe that was the intention? Thanks again for a new perspective and outlook from the little ego’tjie. Ria Harmse – Johannesburg SA

What is Love and What it is not?

In this talk Nicolette gets to the jugular of what real unconditional love is. We have some real cross questioning to do with ourselves as she exposes our conditioned prejudices and misperceptions. We are led to a place of knowing and connecting with this true essence. In this talk we are guided through meditation to an awakened consciousness and to connect with our innate nature.

Mind Matters – Creating the Reality you Want                      

Here we are shown our mind talk and how it is that we continually manifest more of the same in our lives. We learn that every reality is interchangeable and that we hold the power key to changing our reality to the one we want.

What is Sexiness?

In this talk, Nicolette delves into what it is that defines sexiness. She facilitates the unravelling of our old conditioning, our beliefs and perceptions. We journey to the core and the essence of what makes a person sexy and what makes them a doormat. She helps you unearth your inner power, a creative energy able to create new life.