‘Healing from the inside out’


IMG_4228 (Copy)Metamorphosis is an energy based healing technique designed to release the tension and stresses which are stored in the body on a cellular level. We are talking real core healing where the practitioner is merely the catalyst and the client is empowered in the healing process.

This method of healing was conceived by Robert St John in the late 1930’s when he was practicing the Bates System of Eyesight Training. This training observed that there are two main types of eye disorders: long sightedness and short sightedness. Both of these conditions are manifested by the way in which we use our minds. The attitude of the mind directly manifests stress in the muscles of the eyes. Short sightedness is the result of controlling, bullying, compulsive, (typical A type personality) behaviour, whereas long sightedness is the result of non-committal, reclusive or even autistic behaviour.IMG_4246 (Copy)

It became obvious to Robert St John that to change these conditions, it was vital to first change the attitude of mind of his patients and then the condition of the eyes would follow suit.

After many more years of research and practice, he evolved a method called Prenatal Therapy which later became known as Metamorphosis. In the 1950’s he was studying Reflexology when he realized that he could use the reflexes on the hands and feet that correspond to the spine as a means to erase and change the primary attitudes of the mind. He observed that certain parts of the spine related directly to different parts of our gestation period and even one step ahead to our pre-conception where the influences that would be precipitated at conception were being brought together for the formation of an individual consciousness including all inherited and karmic influences.

IMG_4262 (Copy)The six areas he diagnosed are: pre-conception, conception, post-conception, quickening, pre-birth and birth. These are the six areas which are honed in upon in six one hourly sessions, spaced over a period of six weeks.

The beauty of Metamorphosis is that the healing is non-invasive. It requires no effort from the client at all. It is not necessary to identify or even talk about what issues and traumas are being released. These traumas just gently leave as the client is ready to let go of them. Clients report feeling lighter, calmer, sleepy and more balanced after a session. As the week progresses until their next session, various healing shifts take place.  After the six sessions have been completed, the body continues to subtly adjust and heal for the next nine months.

Meta is the most wonderful and gentle of healing techniques. “I am passionate about the way it so completely and gently alters and erases our cellular memory.” Stress, sadness, unforgiveness and a whole host of other emotions and attitudes are washed out, cleansing us and leaving us whole, balanced and calm.IMG_4275 (Copy)

Robert St John stated that to do Meta on one client, is to do Meta on a hundred. The benefits will be felt by all those people who are close to the client as well as those who come into contact with them.

Metamorphosis does not promote any specific religion or spiritual belief and completely respects the individual’s choice of spirituality. Meta merely supports the client in their path of recovery.

Meta does not claim to be a medical approach even though illnesses often miraculously disappear. It is not that Meta is healing the symptoms of disease, but rather addressing the stress patterns which are at the source of the disease. The body simply lets go of illness when it no longer needs to express its imbalance.

Metamorphosis is for everyone, even animals, regardless of age, health or spiritual beliefs. The benefits are immeasurable, the results are immediate and permanent.