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SA FM radio interview with Shado Twala – 26 September 2013


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WOW!! I have tears in my eyes!! It was so lovely to listen to your voice after all these years!! What a wonderful interview!! You have a unique gift of expressing exactly what is within you and helping us to really understand what you are saying!! Thank you SO much for all that you are doing and I will be honoured to buy your book!!Moira Marshbank - Cape Town SA
Wow! You nailed the radio interview. I was listening to it with my friends. They loved your voice as they say it inspires them. We were all sitting in one room just to hear you. To be honest you are a moving inspiration. You know here at my place, every time I tell my friends about you, they want to hear more. We never got a chance to have someone like you who motivates us. So, with you now, it seems like we have found the light. May God bless you so that you can keep on motivating people.Constance Shai –Mooketsi, Polokwane SA
Thank you for sharing. You spoke profoundly and with such clarity, well done! Oh and your voice is awesome on radio.Heidi Marais – Johannesburg SA
Chris and I have just listened to your interview on the radio and you were wonderful.  Once again and as usual, you spoke so simply and easily and everything you said was so easy to grasp and understand.Samantha Robinson - Netherlands
I have thanked you so many times in my mind for the beautiful, informative and inspiring emails you send me every week. They light up my inbox. I have just passed through a difficult time and your emails and SAFM interview came at the right time. I know that your book is going to be the next chapter on my journey. Thank you dear Nicolette for birthing this book for me and many others.Serna Kramer – Johannesburg SA