FORGIVENESS – your gift of love to yourself

Nicolette’s passion is forgiveness.

She says: “Unforgiveness hurts no one else, just you. If you hold unforgiveness in your heart, then there is only one person you need to forgive, and that is yourself. Forgiveness and self-love are one and the same. Each one of us has a duty to love ourselves and forgive ourselves everything.

Forgiveness offers us the opportunity to uncover and delayer exactly who we are. As we dig deep, we encounter all the obstacles we have built against love. Forgiveness is the by product and end result of loving yourself unconditionally. Forgiveness allows us the incredible opportunity to face our flaws, learn from our mistakes and evolve and grow. It is rather like a beautiful jewel that has been unearthed and exposed for the benefit of all.”

Nicolette confesses that her husband and two grown up sons are her greatest teachers. “They are my mirrors, my eyes and ears on the outside. They point out to me exactly the areas where I resist love. They offer me the opportunity every day to walk the path of forgiveness and to live my life as testimony to the truths which I uphold.”

Her book, Forgiveness, is all about SELF, self-discovery, self-realisation and self-empowerment.

Forgiveness_CoverShe says every one of us has some issue/s with unforgiveness, regardless of social status, sexuality, age or spiritual practice. “We all know that we need to forgive and we often try to, but forgiveness evades us as we continue to drag up the past.”

There are certain conditioned patterns to which we have become entrenched and Nicolette skilfully shows us what these entrenched patterns are and how to remove them. “We each need to look within and that is the purpose of my book, FORGIVENESS. I take my reader on a journey to self-discovery and self-love by helping them peel away all the layers of conditioned prejudices and all the barriers we have built against love. You see, we each need to individually forgive ourselves and every circumstance we hang onto.”DSC_7321 (Copy)

She takes her reader by the hand and gently leads them to: an understanding of who they are, an experience of self-love and the ability to disentangle their true selves from their egos. She shows us the choice of living our lives as emotional roller coasters or of being the master of our own choices. She awakens the realisation in her reader that each one of us has all the power and tools we need to self-love, to self-heal and to live the life we deserve.

DSC_7382 (Copy)Contrary to many books in the market place on forgiveness, Nicolette’s book FORGIVENESS will show you how to forgive. You will heal your hurts and finally let go of the past and free your bloodline of unforgiveness seven generations back and seven generations to come.DSC_7293 (Copy)

On completion of her book Nicolette says: “You won’t be the same person you were as when you started. You will be like popped popcorn. There is no way you will ever be able to stuff yourself back into the little kernel you once were. You will find you are newly evolved, more conscious, empowered and free.”

DSC_7372 (Copy)FORGIVENESS took Nicolette nine months to write, the same amount of time as it takes to gestate a baby. Her book launch was held at the prestigious Casalinga restaurant in Muldersdrift, Johannesburg, South Africa on 25 September 2013. It is no coincidence that her first grandchild, little baby Jordan Christian Lodge was born in the same month.

Play the video below to view excerpts from the launch…

DSC_7329 (Copy)“My passion is to bring forgiveness into the hearts and homes of everyone I have the opportunity of touching through my book, my talks, my blog, this website and my daily interactions. I believe that to help others achieve real forgiveness, is to heal our world. We manifest outwardly what we each hold in our hearts. We change our world by becoming more conscious through a change of heart which is birthed from within.

Forgift yourself! It is the gift of love from yourself to yourself.