The Law of Resistance

I received an insight while training one of my personal training clients this morning. I observed his strained face whilst I was performing a passive stretch on him. I asked him to relax and stop straining, in other words stop trying to make the … [Read more...]

What I wish I’d Done

Here’s a quote by Brené Brown that made me re-examine my life I have lived so far. She says, "What would I be glad I did - even if it failed?" So, here goes… I would love to have had the guts to live each day, bravely from my heart, … [Read more...]

Manifest Your Life

Welcome back and happy New Year! I imagine that you, as do I, have all kinds of intentions and expectations of creating a different or better outcome for yourself this year. At the outset of 2016 you are most likely inspired to set new standards, … [Read more...]

A Race Well Run

Hello beautiful being What a year of rapid transformation it has been. I can hardly believe all that I have crammed into it. It seems like just yesterday that I wrote to you of my intention to take a slow pace, one that would sustain me for the … [Read more...]


I read some years ago a Psychology professor stated that in order for a woman to enhance her longevity she should cultivate her girlfriends. Today I wish to pay special tribute to you incredible women out there, who mean the world to me. I am … [Read more...]