Nicolette Lodge is the author of FORGIVENESS – your gift of love to yourself.

BalletBorn in Cape Town in the Sixties, Nicolette’s first career path was that of a classical ballet dancer. Disillusioned with the world of dance and her shattered dream she sold up her only real possession, a car, and backpacked solo overseas.

backpackingIt was whilst backpacking and staying in youth hostels that Nicolette found her connection with humanity. She rubbed shoulders with youth from across the globe and was overwhelmed by all the caring she felt. Having had such a narrow perspective of what life was all about from her years as a protected little ballet girl, her eyes were opened. She realised that there was more to life than ballet.

Returning to Cape Town with a dream of finding her passion, she soon found that destiny was closing the doors to opportunity for her there. She tried to break into modelling, walking the streets with her portfolio, doing sleazy test shoots with photographers whose only intent was to get her into bed. She lasted a week as a barmaid scantily clad as a cavewoman, but the earth didn’t move and opportunity wasn’t forthcoming.

modellingShe visited Johannesburg on a whim for a friend’s wedding a few months later and from there on destiny opened its arms to her. She landed up in a career in audio visual production.

“I literally got a job as a producer’s assistant. I would type the invoices, clean the offices, make tea and coffee, serve beers and carry my boss’ camera bag. But it wasn’t long before I was asking whether I could have a try at taking some pictures myself. My very first photographic attempt was rewarded by having some of my photos selected for the slide show we put together.”NIX PRODUCER - WORK

Nicolette refers to herself as a Jack of all trades. She has experienced so many different professions, including working in sales, which she didn’t like because she hates lying to anyone. “I lasted three months as a timeshare sales person. We would take fake photos of all the supposed prize winners coming through the doors and there was no film in the camera.”

familyWhen she settled down and married her husband whom she had met at the friend’s wedding, she and her hubby decided that she would be a dedicated stay-home Mom. This challenged Nicolette because with no earnings she had no money to join a gym. She decided to qualify as an aerobics instructor so that she would be paid whilst getting herself back in shape after the birth of her two sons.

She also worked as a TV artiste representing numerous household products for television commercials locally and overseas. “It was quite bizarre. I would arrive on set and be given the V.I.P. treatment all day, with make-up artists and runners pampering me and seeing to my every need, and then I would take off all the makeup and put on my jeans again and go home to my young family, change the dirty nappies and see to my husband’s needs. It was very grounding and a wake-up call for my ego.”

 FamilyCircle  nokia

Gym training progressed to personal training and the Universe sent Nicolette many clients with health issues – scoliosis, back surgery, chronic back and neck pain and other injuries. Nicolette enjoyed the challenge of problem solving and tailoring each client’s workout to their particular needs.

It was through her personal training that Nicolette detected her clients’ lack of self-love. This was of great concern to Nicolette because she knew that her job as personal trainer would never be fulfilled until she could DSC_2164 (Copy)change her clients’ frame of mind. No matter how hard they trained they would not love themselves because they were searching outwardly for external fixes – for the perfect body, for the perfect life, perfect soul mate, you name it. “I will love myself when I shift this weight and when I earn the respect of others.”

Nicolette’s training changed pace as she sought ways to help her clients in body, mind and soul. She started including massage, acupressure techniques, meditation,DSC_2116 (Copy) breathing, yoga, muscle activation, positive affirmations, crystals, Metamorphosis and more to nurture self-love and self-worth in her clients.

Prayer crop web (Copy)“My life is this incredible experiential journey. I am passionate about encouraging others and bringing joy into people’s lives. All I want to do is help people to self-love, to self-heal and to free themselves from the conditioned suffering of their minds.

I grew up with a Mom who battled with forgiveness and I witnessed how she dragged all her childhood dramas into her adult life, repeating the same patterns over and over again.

“Unforgiveness is such a waste of precious life. It hurts no one else but you. As you hold onto your self-righteous belief that you have been wronged you create a victim and a persecutor and you know who the victim is? It’s YOU.”mom

Her Mom died two years ago shackled with her earthly grievances. “I wish I could have helped her to free herself from her past, but alas that wasn’t my role to play.”

Nicolette is passionate about putting an end to the pointless feuding in her family’s bloodline. “I want to leave a legacy of love and forgiveness to our two sons.”

She teaches that love and forgiveness are one and the same. They exist because of each other. You can’t have one without the other. “The reason people battle to forgive is because they don’t love themselves unconditionally. And when you love yourself with all sorts of conditions and limitations, you love others the same way. As within so without. It is paradoxical because conditional love isn’t love at all. The reason that humanity judges and fears and mistrusts one another, is because they judge themselves as unworthy. They don’t love themselves.

Nicolette’s quest is to help others transform their negative energy into positive energy through forgiveness.

speaker1She conducts talks and workshops in Johannesburg, South Africa where she resides, speaking on a range of diverse topics. Her signature talk is ‘Three Keys to Forgiveness’. But she speaks about Love, What it is and what it is not, Ego and how it Prevents us Living in the Now, How to Live an Empowered Life, Who am I? What is Sexiness? and an array of other topics.

In her talks she utilises different modalities to get her message across – story telling, questioning, meditation, singing, movement, role playing and questions and answers.speaker2

She is an intuitive writer and speaker, a naturalist and humanitarian. She writes a weekly inspirational blog and you can follow her on, on her face book page, Fans of Forgiveness,   or on twitter. She is a monthly contributor for Jet Club Magazine

Nicolette practices the gentle touch healing, Metamorphosis, which corrects imbalances in the body, mind and soul, at a cellular level. She also practices Theta Healing

We all have everything we need inside ourselves to self-love, self-heal and change our world. We just sometimes need to be shown how to unleash our full potential and give ourselves permission to be who we are.