A Lesson from our Furry Friends

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I’m devouring an age-old and timeless classic tome of wisdom at the moment. You might have guessed. It’s Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’.

The teaching which inspired me for this week is the observation to which Carnegie drew my attention. He mentioned that where hens earn their living from laying eggs, cows by giving milk and canaries by their singing; dogs make their living solely by giving you love.

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What a simple and powerful teaching if we would slow down just enough from the absurdly mechanised, fast paced and almost robotic rhythm to which we are addicted.

This simple message holds the solution for all of our worldly problems. Just imagine if you and I were able to live by the credo of our canine friends. How would that change every aspect of our lives?


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Imagine a day lived from the heart where our only concern was sharing love and lavishing our absolute acceptance and unconditional love on everyone whom we encountered. Imagine not harbouring mistrust. Imagine loving with the abandon of a pup, no matter how many times your acts of kindness have been rebuffed. Imagine having the total freedom of expression and being effusive in your giving, without any reference to past hurt or trauma. Just imagine if we were open and fearless and allowed ourselves to give this most precious gift which resides within us. Imagine if we could free ourselves of fear and love like dogs – natural, authentic, shameless, forgiving and free?

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Todays’ message is just this simple. There is nothing further I wish to expound.

I wish for all of us today that we can be as natural and loving as our furry friends. We have it within us.

May you open your heart in trust that loving openly and honestly cannot hurt you? As you seek nothing in return and propagate beneficence everywhere you go, you will be so blessed. See how many peoples’ lives you can touch and influence this week by just giving unconditional love.

Be blessed!

From the shared heart


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