I help women
heal their hurts
transform their pain into power

Why women choose me…

Your workshops were amazing and helped me become more aware of my ego and of how hard I am on myself. I was not coping with being able to forgive myself and others and had a lot of repressed anger inside of me. In 2012 I had 75% of my liver removed and this made me realize that I had so much to be grateful for and that I needed help. I was given a second chance to be a happy person which is why I did your course. I had a lot of anger from my past which I have now released.

Cherylene Shand, Entrepreneur, Johannesburg, SA

Nicolette’s workshops are something really special. Her vibrancy, honesty and openness create a friendly and safe space in which to learn and share. Her personality is absolutely ideal because she manages to put across some fairly spiritual ideas without losing a sense of fun, so it feels real, rather than whacky. The workshops helped me overcome some of my life’s hurdles and come to a better spiritual knowledge of myself.

Kath Allsop, Norfolk, UK

Choose real happiness!

The best investment you’ll ever make in your life…

Is in AUTHENTIC happiness

Happiness will…

  • Add years to your life

  • Beautify your complexion

  • Heal your relationships

  • Gain you more friends and success

  • Bring you resounding peace

Without happiness…

  • Your life will be a depressing hell

  • Health will evade you

  • People will avoid you

  • No amount of makeup or surgery will mask your negativity

So, how do you become happy?

Look no further: Me

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